About Us

Thank you for visiting Kristine Ray!  

When Kristine Ray was founded in 2013 I started with my hands - literally - by producing a variety of handmade knitted and crochet wearable items.  Since that time, Kristine Ray evolved into a travel consultant company planning one of a kind vacations for individuals, couples and groups.  


The challenges the pandemic has brought has forced us to evaluate and evolve as a company.  Though we will still offer travel services the way we do it is changing.  The Kristine Ray team is mapping out new plans for pre-planned and hosted local and domestic vacations through 2022. Plans for hosted international vacations will resume in 2023.


Any vacation you want planned outside of our offered hosted vacations is considered custom and must meet minimum requirements to move forward under our umbrella.  If you would like to browse rates, deals and do some research, please explore our site.  There is a wealth of information.

We know everyone is anxious to travel (we are too!), but continue to be patient and stay smart.  Now is the time to value and cherish your life and the lives of those of you around you. 

We hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe and we look forward to serving you this year!

- Kristen Patterson,

Owner, Kristine Ray Travel

Member, Velvet & Ashe LLC